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About Us

BummerPax are custom designed and handmade from reclaimed materials in the PNW, USA. 


We believe in keeping the traditional fanny pack alive in a new way thats luxurious to the touch, sustainable, and high quality.

Our name is ironically fannytastic and gives everyone who wears one the satisfaction of saying:

 "It's a Bummer, Dude."


Limited Edition

Each Bummer is designed and hand sewn uniquely from thrifted secondhand clothing.  This means each color scheme is extremely limited edition; it will either be one of a kind or one of just a small few (typically less than 10). Once we have used up the fabric from those articles, we will no longer be able to make that design. Once we're out, we're out!


Additionally, we like to mix things up a bit. Even Bummers or Nitos with the same theme have no two colors or fabrics in the same spot. Each one is special and unique, just like their wearers. 

Our Materials


100% Thrifted Textiles

All of our Bummers are made from thrifted clothing! The “Fast Fashion” industry is the second leading polluter in the world. We search daily for only the highest quality fleeces, sweatshirts, corduroy, and more. Every Bummer purchased saves many items from the landfill and gives them another chance at life!


Fidlock Buckles

Plastic fidlock magnetic slide release buckles are known for their strong hold and ability to quickly and easily clasp and unclasp. The magnetic securing mechanism docks the separate halves in place when held near one another and holds them firmly together during use. They come apart as easily as they snap together: with a simple “slide”.




BummerPax are made with high quality Nylon and Polyester seatbelt straps. These materials are meant for high abrasion applications with a breaking point over 3,000 pounds. Needless to say we are unnecessarily prepared for anything.

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